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"The world as you know it is going to end today" was the message left by flavor of the month and contemporary revolutionary Pierre Robes in war torn 2013 right before "The Blackout" occurred. The moment when all the world's electronics mysteriously stopped working: cell phones, televisions, cars, computers... everything. Fast forward three months, and with power still not returned, gangs have risen, violence has spiked, and psychosis is spreading like wildfire across the younger generations. Now, when Leon Cromwell, former software engineer turned renegade, realizes batteries still work in this world void of power, he sets himself on an ambitious journey to find out exactly what caused this event by means of deciphering a message mysteriously feeding to his radio. When he realizes the message is from Pierre Robes, the man who predicted The Blackout, his search earns focus. Leon learns that Robes has taken over one of the municipal buildings of a nearby town and sets out to find him. He fights his way to a confrontation, hoping for closure on this new way of life.

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